Turnkey Solutions

How we Work?


Plan and develop

 No matter how small or large the project it is, we believe that proper planning and development is as important as the products themselves. Each project needs to be individually tailored to a suitable level of detail.  The main purpose is to plan time, cost and resources adequately to estimate the work needed and to effectively manage risk during project execution.


Implement and Commission

 The implementation is integrated through a project plan that translates the project design document into reality. Roles and responsibility are clearly set out in order to complete the required tasks in the given time. Afterwards, a thorough commissioning process takes place in order to ensure effective delivery.
Operating control and monitoringC3E offers operating control and remote monitoring. This allows customers to take rapid, targeted and, above all, coordinated steps to protect their personnel and technology in case of breakdown or safety issues.


Safety & Guarantee from a single source

C3E guarantees the quality and performance of all installed products and services. We work with consultants that check C3E solar power plants from construction onwards. ** Insurance company and bank guarantees.
Financing & InsuranceC3E works closely with well-known banks and financial institutions that finance small, medium, and large projects.