Voltage Optimizer ES~25

Voltage Optimization - ES-25 is a highly sophisticated voltage controller optimizer.

The ES-25 is a high efficiency device that optimizes the Voltage and Current (static or dynamic) on main panel boards. Savings up to 25% of your energy consumption is achievable. The ES-25 acts like a voltage controller and improves power factor. It can achieve up to 25% savings on lighting loads; up to 15% on air conditioners; and up to 20% on mixed load.

ES~25 is a high efficiency device, which optimizes the voltage (Static or dynamic) as the energy consumed increases approximately square of input voltage thereby the output energy would reach to an optimum level, beyond which the energy consumed will be wasted.

The diagram shows energy saving with high efficiency coil system. The main winding A and secondary winding B which is the inverse, phase energy saving winding. When the supply current passes through winding A, magnetic restriction occurs in winding B as B is connected in series to load, the energy induced due to magnetic restriction from the inverse phase current in winding B is expressed as voltage optimization in the load to reduce the energy to the extent of 20 - 25%.


  • Guaranteed savings up to 25% in lighting and 15% in mixed load
  • Centralized installation without de-lamping or re-laming
  • Extends the life of discharge lamps and reduces replacement of chokes
  • Guards the circuit from high voltage spikes and surges
  • Marginal improvement in Power Factor
  • Reduction in carbon emission
  • Maintenance free with over 20 years life span
  • Payback period as low as one year.