Maintenance by C3E can help you in evaluating your facility’s existing maintenance systems and processes.

Maintenance Program by C3E provides on-site assistance and guidance to help customers in developing or enhancing a comprehensive plan for equipment care and reliability improvement. Reliability Centered Maintenance principles to quickly improve performance of existing systems and assets by eliminating unnecessary, redundant or ineffective maintenance.

According to maintenance surveys, at least 40% of maintenance cost is being wasted. Insufficient maintenance programs are responsible of equipment failures, disrupted production schedules, delays in deliveries, and poor product quality.

Preventive and Predictive maintenance techniques provide data that determine and define servicing and inspection periods and practices so that maintenance departments can predict in advance when equipment should be shut down and serviced for maintenance. Statistics show that these programs, when properly implemented, can minimize equipment and system breakdowns, resulting in a major reduction in total maintenance and operation costs and increasing equipment reliability as well.


Benefits of Maintenance Programs

  • Fewer equipment stoppages and faults.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Higher product quality.
  • Higher labor productivity.